Megan Scortino

SAG Eligible

  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: brown
  • Playing Age: 25 - 40
  • Shoe Size: 8.5
  • Shirt Size: small
  • Dress Size: 4


455 Flower (Post Pro) Lead Jason Wada/ Jener Desilva
Held Featured Tremendum Pictures
State of Consciousness (Post Pro) Featured Marcus D. Spencer/Falcon Pictures
Growth (Post Pro) Featured Marcus D. Spencer/Falcon Pictures
Suspicion Lead Cartney Wearn
American's Phoneless Lead Ted Prescott Director
1000 Times Goodnight Lead Noah Greenwood
The Butcher Lead L.A Film School
Strike One Featured David Meiselman-Liager
Redline Featured RL Films


Virus Hunters Lead Animal Planet
The DaVinci Code Featured The History Channel


Curious Savage Lead Jester's Play Box
Bye Bye Birdie Principal Jester's Play Box
East of the Sun, West of the Moon Lead Jester's Play Box
Captive Audience Lead Jester's Play Box


The Magic Trip Featured Alex Gibney


Upright Citizens Brigade Johnny Meeks
Upright Citizens Brigade Johnny Meeks
The Acting Center Scene Study Eric Matheny / Amanda Rogers
The Acting Center "The Breakthrough Intensive" Eric Matheny
Inside Acting Robert F. Lyons
Hey! I Saw Your Commercial Mike Pointer
Improv Workshop Comedy Sportz
Actors Creative Workshop Jeffrey Brooks/Cindy Hogen
Commercial Workshop Jon & Jan Bina
Scene Workshop Peter Looney
Cold Reading/Improv Helene Kress
Forensics Kathy Robinson


List available upon request

Special Skills

Dance (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap, Salsa), Cheerleading, Volleyball, Speaking German, Gymnastics, Swimming, Basketball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, trampoline, jogging/running, hiking, great with animals and picking objects up with toes.
Dialects: Southern Bell, Valley Girl
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